The essence of the FS Group business is to support social, educational and charity projects of the Moravian Church.

We inherited this mission from our ancestors with whom we are connected by a centuries-long story of faith, honest work and help to others.
This story began with the founding of the Moravian Church in 1457.

Learn from the past, help the present and think of the future

Soon after its establishment, the Moravian Church became a church that is interested in its surroundings, that is close to people in their daily lives, and helps those who are in need. Everywhere the church was present, it established schools, hospitals, orphanages and other charitable institutions. Operational costs were covered by the church’s own revenues. These were largely brought by a business that was founded for this purpose. Small businesses often grew into larger companies and factories. Some of them work and support the church’s activities to this day.

Honest work, help to others, support of education as well as social awareness has become a natural part of the church’s life. The FS Group continues this legacy and helps to finance the social, educational and charity projects of the Moravian Church from its profits. The goal is a long-term stability and prosperity, which will bring future generations the opportunity to continue the work started and develop it further.

Supported organizations:

Fair business

Like our predecessors, we follow the rules that we believe belong to honest business. The basis of our business constitutes on transparency, credibility and respect for others. We build business relationships based on a personal approach and we offer a strong, stable and professional partnership. This way of cooperation has a long-term perspective for us and forms a solid foundation for good business relations.

Times have changed, and the areas of business with them. However, something remains the same for us.
Honesty, good quality of work and, above all, a mission, that gives a purpose to our business.
That is a meaningful service to individuals, as well as to society, and our business makes that possible.
Thank you for being a part of our story and supporting good projects with us.


FS Group

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