Business that makes sense

The essence of the FS Group business is to support social and educational projects
of the Moravian Church.

We inherited this mission from our ancestors with whom we are connected by a century-long story of honest work
and help to others. The story began with the founding of the Moravian Church in 1457.


investment company

graphic and publishing activities

architectural firm


The times have changed and the areas of business have changed as well.
One thing remains the same: honesty, a job well done and, most importantly, our mission that gives our business purpose.

The FS Group is part of the Moravian Church in the Czech Republic.
The group’s revenues help support educational projects and the social activities of the Moravian Church.
The FS Group is one of the tools by which the Moravian Church continues its genetic code – serving people.

Our team

Our teamis responsible for management, administration and fulfilment of the group’s vision.
It consists of managing directors and representative of the founder.


Ing. Jan Křivka, MBA
Treasurer and Member of Provincial Board

Ing. Bohumil Jána
FS Assets Managing Director

Ing. arch. Jindřich  Kejík
FS Vision Managing Director

Ester Rut Vognerová
FS Interactive Managing Director

Learn from the past, help the present and think of the future

Entrepreneruship has been a part of the Moravian Church from its very beginning. The need to earn a living went hand in hand with
a desire to be helpful to others. Honest work and the support of education and social awareness became the church’s lifestyle. Many notable people, Lukas Prazsky, Jan Blahoslav and J. A. Comenius among them, were the vision bearers of the Moravian Church.

 Everywhere the church was present, it established schools, hospitals, orphanages and other charitable institutions.
Operational costs were covered by the church’s own revenues.

Small businesses often grew into larger companies and factories.
Some of them have been running and supporting the church’s work to this day.

The FS Group continues this legacy.



Fair business

Like our predecessors, we follow the rules that we believe to be part of an honest business.  Transparency, credibility and respect for people constitute the basis of our businesses. 

We create business relationships based on a personal approach. This kind of partnership provides long-term prospects and opens the way for further cooperation.


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